Category Two: Dual Stream Learning

  Dual Stream Learning

Required: 15 Points 


Stream 1: Open to all students enrolled in Memegwaanh (15 points)

KAIROS Blanket Exercise

The blanket exercise is an experiential learning activity created by KAIROS, an ecumenical, social justice initiative and joint venture of the United Church of Canada. The exercise takes a small group of participants through the history of the colonization of Turtle Island to better understand the ongoing impact of Canadian government policies, institutions, colonial ideologies, and their intergenerational effects on Indigenous Peoples and communities.

Completion of a KAIROS Blanket Exercise is mandatory if planning on completing Stream 1 for Category 2 when achieving the Honour. If you complete a KAIROS Blanket Exercise that is facilitated by a group that is not the Office of Indigenous Initiatives, you are responsible for providing proof of attendance and a completed claims request form.

4 Seasons of Reconciliation

4 Seasons of Reconciliation, developed with First Nations University of Canada, is a series of 10 online modules provided by the Office of Indigenous Initiatives and Western Libraries for users to build understanding of Indigenous histories and contemporary realities.   

Module Overview:   

  • Module 1: Economic Reconciliation 
  • Module 2: Colonial Lens
  • Module 3: Pre-Contact
  • Module 4: Treaties
  • Module 5: Residential Schools
  • Module 6: UNDRIP
  • Module 7: Indigenous Relations
  • Module 8: Reconciliation
  • Module 9: Restitution
  • Module 10: Final Quiz

Required Submission:   

Along with the quiz questions that appear throughout the modules, students are required to submit the final certificate that generates upon the successful completion of 4 Seasons of Reconciliation ‘s final quiz.

Stream 2: Open to Indigenous students enrolled in Memegwaanh (15 points)

Recognizing that some Indigenous students might already be well-versed on the impacts of colonialism and Indigenous histories offered by the KAIROS Blanket Exercise and 4 Seasons of Reconciliation, Indigenous students are offered a secondary cultural stream to choose from to gain points for Category 2  

Possible Opportunities:

(15 points) (10 hours) Indigenous Circles of Support and Leadership Program workshops
(15 points) Any five of the following:
  • Social / Round dance
  • Fire keeping @ ILS
  • Volunteering at a Feast @ ILS
  • Volunteering @ ILS gardens (2 hours)
  • Monthly ILS cultural workshops – TBD


Contact with questions or for more information.