KAIROS Blanket Exercise



The KAIROS Blanket Exercise is on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time until the program can be assessed and evaluated for sustainability. While the value and importance of this exercise is recognized by the Office of Indigenous Initiatives, capacity of the team is also being considered.  While we engage in this work, we encourage educators to utilize resources such as The Path or Four Seasons of Reconciliation to help educate administrators, staff, faculty and students.  

Due to the extreme emotional weight of this exercise on our staff members at the Office of Indigenous Initiatives, at this time we are pausing the KAIROS Blanket Exercise offerings. In many instances, educators believe they are achieving the Indigenous cultural connection in their classes by hosting a Kairos session, sadly this is not the case. The current method the program is being offered is not antiquely designed to be integrated into classes as a one-off session. Instead, educators are recommended to utilize various resources such as the Path or Four Seasons of Reconciliation. There is undeniable value in this exercise, however, at this time many at the university may not realize there is only one full-time staff member dedicated to this program. All other facilitators or support helpers are volunteers.  

At this time, we are introspectively taking a hard look at the current method KAIROS is being offered for the mental and emotional well-being of our staff.   

Check back for updates…