Mbwaachidiwag: Podcast

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Embedding Indigenization and decolonization promises into institutional practice is difficult and nuanced work, join Western’s Office of Indigenous Initiative’s Sara Mai Chitty as she visits with Indigenous Peoples and allies who seek to bridge the long-held divides between Euro-Western and Indigenous communities through their work in the areas of curriculum, research and beyond.

Drawing inspiration from an Indigenous relational pedagogy of visiting, Mbwaach’idiwag (they visit with each other) has three episodes available and is on pause indefinitely at the moment as we prioritize other projects at OII.

By sharing stories of Indigenous education work happening across Turtle Island and amplifying Indigenous voices, Mbwaach’idiwag aims to provide listeners an opportunity to learn from and with Indigenous Peoples.

Listen or download episodes of Mbwaach'idiwag here.

Extending visiting as a pedagogy, bi-weekly drop in sessions for curriculum, pedagogical and teaching-practice related questions will be available to all faculty, staff and graduate students in teaching in the near future.

mbwaach'idiwag · Mbwaach'idiwag Ep 1: Visiting with Dr. Diana Lewis